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IP CCTV is a new technology embraced by CCTV installers and users with renewed relish.

Instead of an analogue video signal being transmitted down a coaxial cable to the control equipment, the signal is transmitted down a Category 5 or better twisted pair cable in its digital form.

This has many advantages, accessibility to the camera signal from any network conneted P.C. being the biggest. Others include no loss of image quality due to degredation or distance of the cable, remote telemetry and other controls can all be transmitted down the same cable and reduced installation cost.

Each camera has it's own network address and therefore can be easily accessed from any P.C. connected to the internet. Of course, relevent security precautions are set in place to prevent unauthorised access.

Click on the link below to be taken to a demonstration Sony High Speed Dome. This dome uses Java from within your browser.



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