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Remguard Visual Management has been supplying remote central monitoring since 1995.

In 1998, RemGuard introduced the RemVu Aquila transmission unit.

The RemVu Aquila is now a fully networkable solution, capable of replacing multiplexer, video recorder and conventional video transmission systems.

In 2001, the 'Free for Use' scheme was announced by Remguard which offers the Aquila system to the user at no cost when a 3 year monitoring contract is agreed. This has resulted in a significant increase in interest from customers who had previously thought they could not afford CCTV remote monitoring.

Keystone ATS are, for a limited time, now installing the 'Free for Use' Aquilla with no charge for installation.

There may, however, be charges for additional equipment such as detectors, loudspeakers and other ancillary equipment as necessary to bring the system up to specified standards.

There is a weekly charge for the monitoring of the CCTV system with a number of on-line minutes included in the cost.

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